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Cabinets carrying network equipment

The production and manufacturing of network cabinets are all kinds of sheet metal processing. The manufacturing of cabinets on the market is mostly connected with no nuts. That is, all connections are made with self-tapping screws or ordinary screws. The advantage of this connection is that they are used at load-bearing parts. Rivet nuts, using self-tapping screws, in addition to easy processing, increase the processing speed, the cabinet mounted on the wall can also achieve frontal assembly and maintenance.


Basically, in addition to the special-shaped skeleton support requested by customers, the plate processing is generally adopted in the market.

The bending of the material, as a result of the reduced number of transition pieces, also increases the strength of the cabinet cabinet.

The network cabinet is an indispensable part of the high and low voltage electrical switchgear. It provides a complete set of electrical products and equipment with functions of installation, support, connection, transmission, interlocking, locking, protection and decoration. It is a mechanical component and electrical. Compatibility of connections and components improves protection.

We can say that the cabinet is a carrier of electrical equipment, and we can also understand it as a "box" that carries network equipment.

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