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Data Center UPS power supply should you choose?

UPS's category:

Normally, UPS systems are divided into three categories, as a reserve (or offline), line-interactive and double-conversion (online). Different manufacturers offer different configurations of UPS customers according to their objectives, applications, and functions, as well as their desire for product differentiation, select the UPS.

How to choose UPS uninterruptible power supply

1, first make sure your data center facilities are needed more power, generally average around 200W power PC machines or industrial computer, Mac 300W server between 300W and 600W, other devices power values can refer to the device instructions. As long as the press requires the purchase of a.

2, secondly, one should understand the UPS power rating, there are two methods: apparent power (VA) and the actual output power (w), this difference is caused because of the presence of reactive power, conversion between the two is: apparent power power factor * = actual output power. So at the time of purchase to calculate

Frequency and high-frequency of 3, UPS is usually divided into two. Frequency thyristor SCR rectifier, IGBT inverter, bypass and power frequency boost isolation transformer. Because of the rectifier and transformer operation frequency power frequency 50Hz, as the name suggests frequency UPS.

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