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Four maintenance method of UPS battery

To maintain the appropriate temperature

In General, affect the larger factor is the temperature of battery life. Battery manufacturers generally best environmental temperature is between 20-25. While the temperature rises on the battery discharge capacity has been increased, but at the expense of battery life expectancy is considerably reduced. According to the test, once more than 25 ℃ ambient temperature every 10 c, the battery life will be reduced by half. Currently used in UPS batteries are generally maintenance-free sealed lead-acid batteries, universal design life was 5 years, requested by the battery manufacturer environment can be achieved. Do not meet the environmental requirements and the length of life has a great deal of difference. In addition, the ambient temperature increase causes internal chemical activity, thus generating a lot of heat energy, will, in turn, prompted increased ambient temperatures, this vicious cycle will speed up shortening battery life.

Regular charge-discharge

Float charge voltage and discharge voltage of UPS power supply, at the factory have been debugging to rated value and the size of the discharge current is as the load increases, should be reasonably adjusted load, such as controlling the use of computer and other electronic equipment. Under normal circumstances, the load should not exceed the UPS rated load 60%. in this context, the discharge current does not appear excessive discharge of the battery.

UPS connected to the mains for a long time, in the supply of high quality, in a rare interruption of mains supply using environment, the battery will remain in a floating State, a long time can cause cell chemical energy and electrical energy into activities, accelerated aging and shorten the service life. Therefore, generally once every 2-3 months should be fully discharged, the discharge time can be determined according to the battery capacity and load size. A full load discharge has been completed, in accordance with the regulations and then charging for more than 8 hours.

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