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Talking about the correct cabinet wiring operation rules

Cabinet wiring is particularly important, so when we are wiring through the cabinet, are there any rules to be found, so that the cabinet wiring pattern can get rid of the traditional chaotic phenomenon and become well organized?

Rule 1. The air conditioning air block of the cabinet should ensure that the gate is open to avoid overheating of the equipment and cause a crash.

Rule 2. Each network cable inside the cabinet should be labeled to avoid unnecessary troubles in the later maintenance.

Rule 3. The switch should be fixed at the top of the cabinet with matching ears to help the network cable to move.

Rule 4. Paste each server asset number, and print out the asset number + barcode together with the label printer. Each print is two consistent, one on the front and one on the side.

Rule 5. Generally, the power cable and the network cable are routed from different directions, and each segment is tied with a cable tie.

Rule 6. Connect the server to the back end of the network cable at both ends of the switch. Label the same numbered cable tie label and match the switch port number.

Rule 7. When wiring the cabinet, make sure that the power cord plug and the server power connector are fastened with a label strap at both ends.

Rule 8. The wiring between the cabinet and the cabinet is generally routed from the top of the cabinet.

Rule 9. If the cabinet is a switch with internal and external networks, it should be distinguished by two different color network cables.


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