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Talking about the maintenance method of computer room and network cabinet

First: space control, the space control of the server is mainly for planning and management, and there is a small reason for the temperature control mentioned above to achieve better heat dissipation.

The messy placement of the server or the display of the network cable everywhere, only from the direct sense of the visual sense, there will be a sense of boredom, and when the server or server part of the problem occurs, we need to deal with it. - Oh, that's a bad thing!

Good space control is also very good for temperature control, just like a network cable. What happens when a bunch of network cables are placed in a mess behind the cabinet? Blocking the air flow of the server below, the temperature "steadily grows"!

If it is a tower server with a small computer room against the wall, from making full use of the space, trying to maintain temperature control, and maintaining the daily maintenance of the power supply and KVM lines, the author's budget is about 12 cm from the wall.

Second: dustproof, the server is a high-performance machine, and it is also a server that is easy to express fragile body. Some servers in the computer room are exposed to the air for a long time, when the dust mixed in the air enters a certain amount. The fan in the machine can be overwhelmed and start to strike. In addition, the entry of dust, for most of the equipment in the mainframe including the motherboard, the CPU life is very depleted.

Therefore, in the equipment room, under the condition of conditions, it is best to purchase a professional server cabinet; before the management personnel enter the equipment room, it is best to put a disposable dust cover or personal clean slippers on the feet; I do not accept visits from outsiders.

Third: avoiding light, direct sunlight can be very helpful for the increase of server temperature, but unfortunately, the higher the temperature of the server, the more likely it is to cause problems, which is very unfavorable for the stability of the server system. The sunlight is very aggressive for the display in the computer room - due to the direct sunlight, the life of the display is easily halved or even more. When operating in IDC and ISP rooms, it is impossible to see a little hope of sunshine, so This article is very good.

In some small computer rooms, due to the use of space for the cost of rent, the facilities in the room are crowded, and it is likely that there is a large window not far away; the environment in the machine room is free to yearn but must sit for a long time. For the friends, it is very boring. I don’t know when to open the curtains, open the windows, and feel the sunshine and the fresh air. It is a good thing for people to feel the sun, and it is a disaster for the machine to feel the sun.

Therefore, in the sun can pass through the window directly to the server room, it is best to have a rule to add, that is, it is forbidden to open the curtains and windows. However, the rules are always humanized and designed. Considering the feelings of the staff in the computer room, it is best to let everyone take turns to let go of the wind every day.

Fourth: pressure control Each server has a certain limit on the pressure, do not look at it is all-metal body, but there is always a maximum pressure tower server is generally a vertical body, even if it is Horizontal cascading, because the single space occupied too much, the number of servers piled up is not too much, the pressure on the external environment involved here is not a problem.

Generally, a better server cabinet, for example, a 1U rack-mount chassis, the actual pressure that a 1U can withstand is about 5-7 of the same specification weight (ie, 1U); some rack trays with better strength are The server's pressure is basically between 6-8 1U servers. Therefore, when setting the specifications for cabinet placement, be sure to make a budget. Do not place too many parts in a single compartment.

Therefore, for the special nature of the network room, when we maintain the equipment in the equipment room, we need to think about this problem from the perspective of the maintenance of the equipment room to ensure the stable and efficient operation of the network cabinet and network equipment.

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