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Teach you how to buy power UPS

First, what is UPS? Its working principle and application of the this?

Uninterruptible power supply UPS, is a way to make their load-carrying equipment for a period of time without external power system outage of power protection equipment.

With the development of digital computer technology, which penetrated into the scope of the application of industrial control, banking, power, military, financial, communications and other important sectors, also stability and reliability of your computer has set a demanding requirement. UPS is in response to the emergence of power often appear in the system suddenly loses power, voltage instability, problems such as power lines clutter *, assurance computer systems in case of power supply problems can continue their normal work.

UPS works as a reservoir. When the external power supply, UPS in addition to normal power to the load, but will also be part of the electrical energy into chemical energy stored up once when suddenly the external power supply, UPS will immediately start the inverter device, and convert chemical energy into electricity power to the load to ensure normal working load equipment.

Er, how to buy a computer to suit your UPS power supply

According to the world's most professional UPS power data website--constant power website ( statistics showed that common UPS power brand on the market today have as many as 20, totaling up to 1643 a variety of UPS power supply products. Faced with so many kinds of UPS power supply products, which one is more suitable for you?

1, on-line and offline UPS power supply how to choose

General-line UPS of the higher price, but the protection feature is perfect, can filter out most of the parasitic viruses on the grid, fully guarantee the stability of the load device security; offline UPS small low prices, not particularly important for some systems, or to prevent data loss due to power problems.

If economic conditions permit, of course, first-line UPS. But from an economic point of view, the average family, or requirements of the common Office space, a backup UPS power supply is sufficient to meet.

2, choose the bulk-UPS power

At present the average power consumption of a computer for about 250VA, a reserve 500VA UPS can provide about 10 minutes of power. This time has been fully ensures you have plenty of time to file, and then shut down your computer normally. Home has more than one computer can calculate the total power, and then select the appropriate UPS capacity. For some specific commercial and industrial applications, is much more complex to calculate. Because the requirements of these sectors for UPS, often to keep dozens of computers in case of power, able to work continuously for more than 10 hours or dozens of hours.

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