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UPS battery discharges knowledge

First, on the charge

1, UPS float charging, charging voltage, please 2.275V/table (set value of 20 ℃), constant voltage charge or 0.002CA constant current charge current. When the temperature is below 0C or above 40C, it is necessary to amend the charge voltage, starting with 20C, -3MV single cell voltages.

2, loop charging, the charging voltage to 2.40-2.50V/table (set value of 20 ℃), constant voltage charging voltage. Temperature is below 5C, or 35 ° c when charging above, starting with the 20 c each change once the charging voltage regulator -4MV/table.

3 early, charging current control in 0.25CA.

4, 100-120% of the charge amount is set to discharge, but when the ambient temperature is below 5C, set to 120-130%.

5, lower the temperature (5C) end of charging time longer, higher temperatures (above 35C) more prone to overcharging, particularly when recycled, charging in a 5C~30C better.

6, in order to prevent over charge to install the charge timer, or automatically convert to trickle charge mode.

7, when charging battery temperature control in the context of -15C~+40C.

Second, on discharge

Discharge when the battery temperature is-15 ° c-+ 50 ° c range.

Continuous discharge current control 3CA (h below 6CA).

Final discharge voltage varies according to the size of the current, largely as described below. Note When you put, the voltage shall be not less than the following voltages.

Please charge after discharge. If accidentally discharging immediately after charging.

Third, the installation notes

When installing the battery, make sure that you comply with the following:

1, do not install batteries sealed space or near a fire, or are in danger of causing an explosion and fire.

2, do not use the vinyl cover of the film had the potential to cause static battery, sometimes when you generate static electricity may cause an explosion.

3, do not install batteries have the potential to place the water, otherwise there is the danger of electrical shock, fire,.

4, please do not exceed-40 ° C~60 ° c environmental installations.

5, do not use the battery where there is dust, otherwise the battery may short circuit.

6, place the batteries into the box when used, pay attention to ventilation.

7, not sticky or label objects down the lid, cover below the exhaust valve, produces gas in the battery will not be able to escape.

8, the number of parallel-the floating charge, the battery plug-type terminal can associate up to three columns, bolt terminals do not have special restrictions, but the number of parallel small reliability increased. In addition, and join the line, it is necessary to consider the connection between equivalent contact resistance of conductors and the columns, the columns for the charging and discharging batteries maintain a balanced, practical use not more than three columns.

9, at the same time using different capacity, the old and the new, different battery manufacturers, due to its different features may cause the battery and the machine was damaged, so please avoid using.

Four, about keeping

1, storage, please pay attention to temperature not more than-20 ° c ~+40 ° c range.

2, keeping the battery batteries must be kept in a fully charged state. As in transit or storage due to self-discharge loss of a fraction of the capacity when recharging.

3, when the long-term care, in order to compensate for self-discharge of the deposit period, please add. Custody in 40C condition, has a bad effect on battery life, avoid!

4, in the dry at low temperature, well-ventilated place for storage.

5, for example, in custody or transfer battery pack case is wet with water, should immediately get rid of the packaging carton, to avoid wet cartons become the conductor of battery discharge or burning the positive terminal.

Five, on daily inspection and maintenance storage

1, check the batteries regularly, such as when he found the appearance of dust and other pollution, water or warm water to soak a piece of cloth for cleaning. Do not use organic solvents such as gasoline, bananas, water and oils for cleaning, please avoid the use of synthetic fabric.

2, when floating, during charging the battery total voltage or the indicator on the indicator panel voltmeter from the reference value as shown in the following table (± 0.05V/table) should be investigated and dealt with.

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