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UPS uninterruptible power supply 10 of the most basic functions

1). voltage stable---a mains voltage easy by power conveying line quality of effect, away from substation more near of user voltage high about 130~120V, away from substation more far of user voltage lower about 100~90V, voltage too high or too low will makes user equipment shrink life, serious Shi will burned equipment, using online type UPS can provides stable of voltage power, voltage changes not to 2V, can extended equipment life and the protection equipment.

2). power failure power failure protection---the blink immediately UPS uninterruptible power supply converts the battery DC power into AC power.

3). high and low voltage protection---the mains voltage is too high or too low UPS the built-in regulator (AVR) will make the appropriate adjustment, keep the mains voltage range can be used, if the voltage is too low or too high above you can use range, UPS converts the battery DC power into AC power, to protect the user's device.

4). 50Hz/60Hz divided into two---a mains frequency stability frequency, the so-called frequency cycles every second change of 50Hz is 50 times per second, Taiwan mains frequency is 60Hz, the city is 50Hz. While the generator is running client-side speed changes caused by sudden changes in electricity consumption will enable the electricity converted by variable frequency drift, UPS uninterruptible power supply changeover of power can provide a stable frequency.

5). waveform distortion---due to electricity through transmission and distribution lines to deliver to the client, use of machinery and equipment, often caused by mains voltage waveform distortion, distortion of harmonic * equipment and electric power transformer temperature rise, the General requirements of distortion < 5%, UPS designed distortion < 3%.

6). monitor power---meet UPS intelligent communication interfaces and monitoring software can record the mains voltage frequency power failure time and frequency to achieve the power monitor, and can arrange for UPS uninterruptible power supply timer schedule to conserve energy.

7). suppress common-mode noise---total noise generated in the ignition/neutral wire and the ground.

8). noise noise---a transverse mode suppression transverse modes in the line of fire between the neutral wire and.

9). surge protection---UPS uninterruptible power supply installed surge absorber or point discharge design of surge, to protect the user's device.

10). transient response protection---sometimes causing voltage with AC * bulge or SAG or instantaneous voltage drop using on-line UPS can provide a stable voltage, voltage less than 2V, can extend the life of equipment and protection devices.

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