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UPS uninterruptible power supply industry definition and classification

UPS uninterruptible power supply industry definitions

UPS (UninterruptiblePowerSystem/UninterruptiblePowerSupply), namely, uninterruptible power supplies, is the battery (for the maintenance-free lead-acid battery) and is connected to the host, host Inverter circuit to convert the DC power system equipment. Mainly uses in to a single computer, computer network or other electronic equipment, such as solenoid valves, pressure transmitters provides stable, uninterrupted supply of electricity. Dang mains entered normal Shi, UPS will mains regulator Hou supply to load using, at of UPS is a Taiwan Exchange mains regulator device, while it also to machine within battery charging; Dang mains interrupted (accident blackout) Shi, UPS immediately will battery of DC power, through inverse variable 0 switch conversion of method to load continues to supply 220V Exchange electric, makes load maintained normal work and protection load soft, and hardware not by damaged. UPS devices usually provide protection to high voltage or low voltage can.

UPS uninterruptible power supply industry

UPS press works into offline, online and online interactive three categories.

Among them, the most commonly used is the offline UPS, it has automatic voltage regulator, power protection UPS the most basic and most important functions, although the conversion time of 10ms, but cheaper prices due to the simple structure, high reliability, widely used in areas such as computer, peripherals, POS machine.

Backup UPS power supply is divided into reserve-sinewave output UPS power supplies and backup-square wave output power UPS.

Offline UPS sine wave output power: single output can be 0.25KW~2KW, when the mains is 170V~264V change, to provide users with regulator power; when the power goes out 170V~264V range, by providing high quality sine wave UPS power supply.

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