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What are the benefits of a network cabinet?

Network cabinets are generally installed, and the panels, plug-ins, plug-ins, devices or electronic components, mechanical parts are installed, etc., so that they form a unified and integral installation box. According to the current type, the capacity is generally They are all in the range of 2V to 42V.

More and more people choose standard cabinets, which are mainly from the characteristics of the standard cabinet itself:

1. Good rigidity and strength, good anti-vibration and impact ability, and play a protective role on network equipment;

2. Has good electromagnetic isolation and radiation protection;

3. Isolate noise and provide a good working environment;

4. Ventilation and heat dissipation effect is good, extending the service life of the server;

5. Corrosion resistance;

6. Dustproof and waterproof.


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