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What are the main points of choosing a tablet mobile charging cabinet?

1, the main material: 1.0-1.8mmSPCC cold-rolled carbon steel combined with environmentally friendly ABS engineering plastics.

2, the use of fully enclosed anti-theft structure, process acid and alkali corrosion resistance, wear-resistant, anti-static and so on.

3, the appearance of the three sides of the overall large arc over, arc D80MM, beautiful atmosphere, safe and stable.

4, using subdivision design, the front is the teacher, the student uses the area, the rear is the equipment debugging and maintenance area, and the upper part is the private storage space. Different anti-theft locks are used on the front (the front door is a double anti-theft lock). Inside part of the cabin, strong and weak. Electrical separation, students can not access the strong electricity part (the front compartment is the tablet charging area, the student contact area, no strong electricity; the rear compartment is the power management control area, controlled by professional management personnel).

5, high-quality ultra-quiet casters (four-wheeled universal, two-wheeled brakes) and left and right ergonomic handles.

6, the upper compartment of the mobile charging cabinet with a lock on the 掀 open, can hover at any position, convenient for teachers to teach lesson plans, computers and so on.

7, environmental protection ABS engineering plastic single machine partition, which has a built-in partition with a card slot and does not scratch the shield, while leaving a groove for easy access to the computer.

8, integrated power management system: with sequential power supply, multi-mode power supply, etc.

9, standard anti-leakage, anti-short circuit multiple protection system to ensure the user's personal safety.

10, the side of the cabinet with a storage slot, can store power cords, wireless AP and so on.

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