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What should I pay attention to when purchasing a tablet charging car?

Note on buying a tablet charging car:

1. During the charging process of the tablet, the flat charging cabinet can be connected in parallel, that is, each tablet charging is a contra-directional power interface, which does not affect each other. Even if there is a direct problem with one or two charging interfaces, it does not affect other tablet charging. It is the design part of the teaching tablet charging cabinet.

2. To consider the safety of the product, the safety here means that the charging cabinet can not leak electricity. It is very important for the use in the teaching environment. The safety of students involves all aspects of society and it is not sloppy and careless.

3. The teaching environment is required to be quieter. The most reliable charging of the tablet charging car in the process of moving the cabinet must be moved to avoid noise and noise, which affects students' learning.

4. The tablet charging car must have a certain degree of beauty. The teaching tablet charging cabinet is placed in the classroom, and the environment can be integrated into one. The angle of the cabinet of the tablet charging car is made as curved as possible to avoid the injured child.

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