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What types of UPS uninterruptible power supplies are divided into?

From the standby time, the UPS is divided into two types: standard type and long-term type.

In general, the standard model has a battery pack that can maintain a short period of power supply after a power failure (generally no more than 25 minutes);

The long-lasting machine does not have a battery, but the charger is added. Users can match multiple sets of batteries according to their needs to extend the power supply time. Manufacturers will increase the charger capacity or install parallel chargers when designing.


From the composition principle is divided into rotary UPS and static UPS;

Divided into commercial UPS and industrial UPS from the application field;

Divided into single-phase UPS and three-phase UPS from the phase number of the output voltage;

The capacity is divided into a large capacity UPS (greater than 100KVA), a medium capacity UPS (10-100 KVA) and a small capacity UPS (less than 10 KVA).

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