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Charging Cabinet Need To Pay Attention To What Matters

1. Charging Cabinet before using the cabinet to check whether the parts are damaged or loose during transport.

2. Charging cabinet is connected with AC, is strictly prohibited live maintenance; non-professional maintenance personnel is strictly prohibited to remove the side panels, so as to avoid the risk of electric shock

3. In the use of leakage, short circuit, overload and other failures, the Charging Cabinet of the leakage short circuit protector (that is, power leakage switch) will cut off the power supply; re-open the leakage short circuit protector switch (before opening should be leakage protection button Click), if it is protected again, require professional maintenance personnel will be troubleshooting before use.

4. Side plate internal ammeter / voltmeter Power supply required by the professional installation, if the reverse or wrong, will cause the ammeter / voltmeter permanent damage

5. Can be charged with the computer's ground must be firmly installed. If the ground installation is not stable, will cause the instability of the entire system, while the product will cause permanent damage.

Currently on the market for mobile phone Charging Cabinet mostly padlock, cabinet thickness is also mixed, quite a mixed bag. To the security of the mobile phone caused significant risks. Once the phone is stolen, the owner is likely to face the malicious use of mobile phone information brought about by the harm. Mobile phone theft is no small loss, in the event of mobile phone theft, criminals may also use the information in the phone on the owner of social friends, online banking accounts and other fraud and theft, the owner caused greater economic losses. WeChat, Alipay and other account registration survey, WeChat, Alipay can be changed through the phone verification code login password. And because of this relevance, lost in the phone, and mobile phone associated with the important account also will fall into danger. At present, most people will choose to remember the account number on the phone side, once the phone is stolen, these accounts for the thieves can be described as unimpeded. According to the media has been reported that someone phone theft caused by WeChat friends encounter fraud. Illegal elements to steal the victim's mobile phone, the first release of WeChat and the phone number of the binding, then released in the circle of friends borrow information, resulting in several friends cheated nearly million. And another owner of the mobile phone theft is brought more serious consequences, the lawless through his mobile phone to pay APP stolen 30,000 yuan deposit. Can be seen in the phone stolen, once the criminals master a large number of mobile phone information, it is easy to use WeChat, online shopping payment account and other mobile phone software to cheat, and such a higher success rate of fraud, the owner of the greater losses The

Therefore, the choice of safe mobile phone charging cabinet is extremely important, here hope that consumers choose the regular manufacturers of the charging cabinet!

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