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Custom Network Cabinet Designed In Accordance With International Standards

International standard network cabinet features reflected in what aspects? What are the requirements for the size of the network cabinet materials? Network cabinet cabinet, including the display window, the keyboard drawer, front and rear doors, display pallets, handle locks, polyurethane adhesive foam sealing strip, can be equipped with kerosene, printer pallet and other combinations, the main frame of the network cabinet structure is It is made of high-quality cold-rolled steel plate and welded integrally. Its appearance is generous. It can be installed on the upper line and the lower line. The top is equipped with cooling fan, which is good for heat dissipation of active equipment. 30U, 35U, 40U and so on, can be customized according to need Network cabinets are designed in accordance with international standards cabinets.

Network cabinet with mouse and keyboard device, the door through the lock and the closure device to increase the cabinet anti-theft feature. Cabinet can be installed industrial PC, suitable for on-site operation applications.

Material: high quality GB cold-rolled steel, positive tolerance, cabinet thickness 1.5mm, door thickness 2.0mm;

Surface treatment: cabinet, base and door surface after pickling, phosphating, wax removal, washing, cleaning and other 12 international standard pre-treatment process, the surface spray, the cabinet color RAL7035 or RAL7032, with good sun protection effect , And can be used in hot and humid southern environment, can also provide any color according to customer needs.

Network cabinets different copper conduction performance there is a big difference in the socket to break through the use of high-quality tin bronze, for example, because of its high copper content of 65%, the price is 4-5 times the ordinary copper; Second, the network Cabinet copper cross-sectional area of the size. The larger the cross-sectional area is, the better the continuity is and the smaller the temperature rise is. The wire connection inside the network cabinet can also affect the temperature rise. Breakthrough bodyguards socket used in the joint welding of copper is the effective way to reduce temperature rise; network cabinet jack socket precision and flexibility, and plug the tightness of the contact can also affect the temperature rise. The closer the contact, the smaller the temperature rise.

Another factor that affects the temperature rise of network cabinets is the design of the space inside the socket. There are many outlet on the market looks small and exquisite, but at the expense of a reasonable space within the socket, is not conducive to the heat distribution. Breakthrough outlet network cabinet is designed for ultra-low temperature space, while ensuring the appearance of beautiful, while leaving sufficient internal cooling space, can effectively avoid the socket for a long time, the internal heat accumulation is too high and lead to shell variants.

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