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Customers In The Cabinet System Aspects Of Systems Analysis

As power density increased dramatically in the past few years, IT administrators are worried about damage caused to IT equipment due to lack of air flow. Even worse is that so far has not introduced a measure a cabinet with another cabinet cooling efficiency standards. To ensure high availability of critical equipment working environment is necessary. One way to ensure proper cooling is equipped with a ventilation area of 0.53548 m2 (830 in.2) above the machine door or open area of at least 63% perforated door. Machine doors can contribute to meeting these specifications IT equipment provide plenty of "natural" ventilation air flow. For environments with poor cooling, it is recommended that additional power exceeding 1,500 w Cabinet install air conditioning plant. Related cooling of the Cabinet discussions on this topic, please visit the APC white papers:

29th, white paper: "high density power supply scheme of the Cabinet"

44th white paper: "the use of baffles to improve cooling performance of the Cabinet"

46th white paper: "super high density Blade Server cabinets, and power and cooling"

50th white paper: "air cooling device on the side of the side of the Cabinet"

In the survey, referred to the use of unreliable performance circuit breaker Cabinet switchboards, respondents had an unpleasant experience. These inexpensive circuit breaker is an often-overlooked source of failure. Moreover, if the breaker trips, the officer will have to touch the inner Cabinet filled with key equipment. They have to determine the location of the circuit breaker in the switchboard, which further increased the level of risk. If the circuit breaker on the same panel, you can reduce these problems, so as to increase the availability of key cabinet. Up to now, the best way to improve the Cabinet's power availability is for the Cabinet to increase redundancy. After the Cabinet a two-power supply, availability was greatly improved (even if it is a single power supply IT equipment), respondents to this are amazing. Discussion on the topic, as described in the APC, 48th white paper: "the availability of various rack power redundancy configuration."

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