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Five Considerations For Selecting Network Cabinet

Network Cabinet compatibility is user a very troublesome problem, machine room equipment from different manufacturers, the same manufacturer of different type, these devices do not form a unified set of specifications, which are network cabinet with various equipment compatibility. With data center construction toward the overall usability direction, the engine room on the management of network Cabinet growing demand. It can be predicted that full compliance with data center requirements, scalability and future Cabinet solutions, will be better able to solve the problem of users, user management IT system, Cabinet selections, users should take into account the following factors:

1, load-bearing guarantees, placing products in the Cabinet increased the density of the network, good load-carrying capacity, is the basic requirement of a qualified network cabinets products. Does not meet the specifications of the network Cabinet, probably because of poor quality network Cabinet, does not effectively protect your network equipment in the Cabinet, the result may affect the whole system.

2, reliable quality guarantee, selecting a suitable Server network Cabinet wiring and network cabinets is very important, neglected, can lead to significant losses. No matter which brand products, quality is a user first link.

3, anti-jamming, and others, a fully functional network Cabinet should provide various types of locks and other features, such as dust, water or electronic shielding high immunity and should provide an attachment and installation of accessories supports to make wiring more convenient, and easier to manage, save time and effort.

4, the temperature control system of network Cabinet Interior has excellent temperature control system, avoid hot or cold products within the Cabinet to ensure the efficient operation of the equipment. Optional ventilation series network Cabinet, can be equipped with fan (fan has lifetime guarantee), independent air conditioning system can be installed in a hot environment, independent heating and insulation systems can be installed in a cold environment.

5, after-sales service, effective service provided by the enterprise, as well as the provision of comprehensive protection programmes can bring great convenience to the user's installation, maintenance.

Now is the rapid development of society, electronic product replacement soon, network Cabinet in the wake of the times will be more compatibility, security, and reliability.

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