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High Efficiency Easy To Use Tablet PC Charging Cabinet

Nowadays is the era of rapid development of science and technology, mobile intelligent terminal is almost indispensable electronic equipment, and as more and more electronic products into the classroom and conference rooms, charging problems have become government meetings, schools and education More attention to the problem. In order to improve the service many have launched a mobile phone charging cabinet, centralized tablet computer charging cabinet, can support different interfaces to the intelligent terminal for centralized charging.

Tablet PC charging cabinet is a commitment to improve the electronic product charging, synchronization efficiency of the product, providing a safe charging environment. With the popularity of e-book concept, the rapid development of electronic teaching methods, centralized charging of the Tablet PC charging cabinet (Tablet PC charging car) has become an indispensable demand. Companies to "pragmatic, pioneering and innovative" business philosophy, intentions of independent design, control of high demand for production, in the appearance and structure of the innovation makes the Tablet PC charging cabinet (Tablet PC charging car) more secure, convenient, solid, humane , With a modern beauty, leading in the front of the industry.

Tablet PC charging cabinet accessories to how to choose?

Now many people buy a Tablet PC charging cabinet there are a lot of people do not understand, that accessories how to choose? Xiaobian in the next to introduce how to choose the screen computer charger cabinet accessories: USB2.0 charging interface. Directly provide 5V-2A USB charging port, easy to use the Tablet PC directly USB data cable charging.

USB2.0 data transmission interface. In the case of a MacBook notebook, use the contents of multiple iPad sync.

Wireless access point AP. Students in the use of notebook or tablet computer course, you can use the AP to form a wireless local area network WLAN.

Notebook computer charging cabinet can be equipped with switches, directly to the network interface configuration to each side of the counter cabinet.

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