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How To Avoid Buying Poor Quality Network Cabinet

Network components indispensable is the network cabinet, we will think that only put all the things can be stacked up, or that is just a simple cabinet, do not all do not matter, in fact not the case, the election cabinet is not just to Management convenience, but also to heat the security play an important re-use, and now just a few hundred dollars to buy a good cabinet, for these security is worth it.

Network cabinet price difference is mainly the use of steel quality, in general, the location of the cabinet will not be fixed in the mobile, if the cabinet after a few years after the phenomenon of rust, it is a big loss, so be sure to choose a good cabinet The quality of the problem, the most important thing to pay attention to the structure of the cabinet and cooling performance.

For everyone to introduce the three Sheng cabinet luxury cabinet, the product: 600 * 1200 * 800 (wide and deep mm) 19-inch cabinet standard in the market price is relatively cheap one is the use of steel structure, the top of the network cabinet There are two with a cooling fan, play a cooling function, there are ventilation holes around, a single fan exhaust air will cause the cycle, so that the equipment of the cabinet to effectively reduce the temperature.

The front and rear doors of the network cabinet are locked and must be locked after the installation is complete to avoid damage or theft. In the cabinet two years there are two side panels can also be removed, as long as the fixed handle can be removed, in the finishing line and patch panels more convenient.

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