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How To Choose A Data Center Cabinet

(1) types and specifications

----Select a Cabinet type. If it is bought, such as switches, routers, buy network cabinets, the alignment of the Cabinet slots are good; if it is bought and place the server, server cabinets, this cooling effect compared with the Cabinet will be better. How to distinguish between the two cabinets? Cabinet locks can be used to judge, of course, this method is suitable for most situations. Server Cabinet locks is a Groove, Groove directly after the key to open the door to open and network cabinets lock is with handles, WILL need to turned the handle to open the door after door.

----Select a size for the Cabinet. Before you buy the cabinets, you must first calculate the size of room space, next, list all installed in the cabinets of equipment and their complete set of measurements: length, width, height and weight. Total height of these devices will ultimately determine how many devices can be put into the Cabinet. Clearly, high cabinet can hold more equipment, and more. However, the high price of the Cabinet will be relatively high, and we can't simply go in the size of the Cabinet, should meet the current actual use case set aside a little bit richer space.

(2) design and layout

---Power distribution. IT trend of high density mounting with Cabinet growing, could play its due performance of the Cabinet, distribution system becomes a key link. Reasonable distribution of power is directly related to the availability of the IT systems, but also the effectiveness of the system as a whole could play its due important basic step and this is what used to be a lot of room managers ignore problems. Due to the increasing miniaturization of IT equipment, Cabinet growing density of equipment installation, and its overall distribution in large quantities. This Cabinet power distribution system presents a serious challenge. Meanwhile, the increase of input and output ports, and high reliability power distribution system installation requirements. Taking into account the current requirements of most server dual supply, making complex Cabinet power distribution.

Reasonable cabinet design of a power distribution system, you should follow the design as the core, designed specifically for the Cabinet system, full coordination with the distribution system, seamlessly with principles, taking into account the convenience of installation, as well as intelligent management, adaptability, ease of operation and maintenance and so on. Cabinet power distribution systems, power supply should be made closer to the load in order to reduce the power failures in the access point. Both local and remote monitoring of progressive realization of load current, as well as remote control of power distribution and power management in computer room intelligent management of the whole system.

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