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How To Make Network Cabinet And Cables Placed In Orderly?

In the big room, we can catch a glimpse of the huge network cabinet, it is not only the role of the cabinet, many cabin city equipped with USP power supply, together to cover the help system to help the role, and it can be solved Machine applications in the high-density cooling, for a large number of cables, large-capacity distribution and fully compatible with the different manufacturers rack-mounted equipment deployment difficulties, the effectiveness of the cabinet more and more powerful. Here is divided into two steps:

First: the first to take care of the user does not affect the normal environment in the user to organize the Network Cabinet. And then according to the network topology layout, the existing configuration equipment deployment environment, the number of users, user groups and other factors outlined the cabinet within the wiring diagram and set the equipment deployment location map. Then prepare the required materials: network jumper, label paper, all kinds of plastic cable ties.

A: hands-on placement: first, the use of random frame with screws and nuts will be firmly fixed frame; second, the cabinet will be pulled down, the wheel can be mounted on the sport; third, according to set the equipment deployment position in the solid frame Mediate and add baffle.

B: Organize the cables on the cabinet: group the cables, the number of groups is usually less than or the number of cabs on the back of the Network Cabinet. All the power lines that are equipped with the equipment are tied together and the plugs are inserted from the rear access holes and the individual equipment is deployed through a separate cable management device.

C: hands to set the equipment deployed firmly in the framework: the cabinet in the baffle mediation to meet the location, so that the administrator can not open the cabinet door can see all the equipment deployed in the operating environment, while the provision of equipment deployment How many times and the size of the local add baffle. Meticulous to stay in the baffle between the clear leisure. Will be used in the cabinet all the swap equipment deployment, routing equipment deployment according to pre-painted plans arranged.

D: label the cable to make it easy to identify: After all the cables are connected, it is necessary to mark the network lines, wrap the ready sticks on the network cable, and label them on the pen (as is usually the room number Or for what purpose), require identification to be simple and easy to understand. The interlaced cable can be distinguished by using a discovers of the difference colors as well as the usual lines. If you set too many equipment deployment, you will have to set the equipment deployment classification number, and set the equipment deployment label.

Second: when all ready, and check correct. And then turn on the power, the network Unicom test to ensure that the user normal things - this is the most intense. At the end, finishing up, it is necessary to organize the contents of the document update. Re-set the equipment deployment deployment plan and network cable connection diagram. In the figure to specify the equipment to deploy the deployment number and network cable logo for inspection inspection.

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