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Importance Of Distribution System In Network Cabinet

Network cabinet are used for professional installation of network equipment, not only has radiation protection, but also very good regulation of network equipment. No network cabinet before, the line everywhere, the length is not the same, the equipment is no statute, there is no radiation, fire protection function, there is no radiator, in the hot summer, often because the network equipment due to too hot, and caused the entire network paralysis. In the company, many people, now basically need to surf the internet, which adds network equipment, and often for some reason, we may need to dismantle the device, this is more easily damaged network equipment.

The necessity of the network cabinet:

1, with a network cabinet, can prevent radiation.

2, the network line, get the regulation, neat and beautiful, network fault, easy to find.

3, network cabinet have standard fan, so that network equipment temperature is not high, there will be no network paralysis.

4, installed the network cabinet beautiful, convenient.

How does the network cabinet cope with the increase of power density? With the increasing trend of it high density installation in the cabinet, the power distribution system becomes the key link if the cabinet can exert its proper efficiency. Reasonable power distribution is directly related to the usability of the whole IT system, and it is an important basic link for the whole system to play its due role, which is a problem neglected by many computer lab managers in the past. Due to the increasingly miniaturization of IT equipment, equipment installed in the cabinet to increase the density of 1 7U blade Server For example, 1 of the need for approximately 3kVA of power distribution, and 1 42U high cabinets may install up to 8 such servers, the total demand for distribution will reach 24kVA. This presents a serious challenge to the distribution system in the cabinet.

At the same time, the increase of input and output ports also put forward high requirements for the reliability of power distribution system installation. Taking into account the current demand for most servers with dual power supply, the power distribution in the cabinet is more and more complicated.

Reasonable design of power distribution system for network cabinet, should follow the reliability design as the core, specifically for the cabinet system design, and distribution system fully coordinated, seamless coordination of the principle, but also to consider the convenience of installation, as well as intelligent management, adaptable, easy to operate and maintain characteristics. The power distribution system of the cabinet should be brought closer to the load to reduce the fault point in the power path. At the same time, we should realize the local and remote monitoring of load current, as well as the remote control of power distribution, so that power distribution management is integrated into the intelligent management system of the computer room.

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