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Key Business Facilities Cabinet Systems Face Challenges

APC No. 007 white papers discuss in today's data center rack installation of telecommunications equipment and IT equipment-related issues. Relevant content as described in the APC, 4th white paper: "basic requirements of next-generation data center power supply system" article focus on resolving issues related to power supply. APC 5th white paper: "the basic requirements of next-generation data center cooling system" focused on removing power from the heat perspective problems.

We interview with some companies on the way to some managers associated with key business facilities (such as the Chief Information Officer [CIO], facility managers and IT managers) were investigated. We have more than 150 people from more than 90 different organizations interviewed, including Fortune 1000 companies, corporations, Governments, educational institutions, and service providers. Customer we talked about 50% from North America, 20% from Europe, 30% from Japan, the Pacific region, Australia and Asia (JPAA) area.

This year-long investigation by the "Voice of the Customer" (voice of customer) this way, this way to the respondents to questions free answers by oral and/or written answers as a basis. In this way, we can get no objective effect of answer, that answer is not subject to any restrictions or be bound by preconceived ideas of the problem itself. In the course of investigation to clarify ambiguous answers, we expanded on certain issues and/or changed.

According to the basic idea, we have the answer was grouped, each derived from a with a problem on your business-critical facilities design a solution that corresponds to the requirements. This process identifies 18 key problem. Then, depending on its theme, these core problems are further divided into the following 5 key thematic areas:

>> Life cycle cost

>> Availability

>> Maintainability/serviceability

>> Manageability

>> Adaptability/expandability

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