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Manage Open Rack Solutions

Use the available space when laying out and installing equipment in the equipment room or data center. Open rack are an excellent solution for efficient layout.

Chatsworth Products' (CPI) double column and four post open rack provide the strength, stability and durability required to support a range of IT equipment.

Here are five major benefits, and why you need to consider your storage needs for your device:


The open rack is a cost-effective device management approach. In general, compared to closed solutions, open rack prices more affordable, lower shipping costs. In addition, CPI rack at the bottom of small, space-saving space, allowing you to take full advantage of the existing space.

Quick installation

There is no need to worry about installing the door or side panels, so installing an open rack is a lot easier task. In addition, CPI products include mounting rails, as well as numbered U-bit tags, can simplify the installation of equipment.


Enclosed racks create a heat accumulation environment. On the other hand, the open rack can ensure that no airflow is blocked.

Easy to operate overhaul

The open design facilitates operation and maintenance of the equipment.

Cable management

Trying to manage the wires and cables of a closed cabinet is a challenge, but if it is an open rack, cable management is much easier because you can manage the cable freely, without a door or panel obstruction.

Choose a rack solution

The dual-post rack has the advantages of low cost and high efficiency, efficient use of ground space, and four pillar racks in the support of larger equipment, such as: modular network switches more advantages. Also need to consider the bearing capacity, rail type, height requirements and UL certification and earthquake certification.

The CPI is available from three styles of double pillars and six styles of four pillars. Refer to our quick reference guide or our website for more information.

Cable management solutions

The CPI's range of cable management solutions is designed to manage and maintain cables and wires that provide the key support, reliability, and flexibility needed to maintain and enhance your network capabilities.

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