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Miner Lamp Intelligent Charging Cabinet Design Principles

As we all know, with the development of science and technology, coal mine lamp room management automation, intelligent is the trend. Miner'slamp smart charging cabinet began to become more and more in the coal mine, miner's intelligent charging cabinet to replace the old mine lamp charging rack is the only way to modernize the development of coal. Then miner's lamp smart charging cabinet in the R & D design when you need to consider what factors? Jinan Jiahong technology is a professional miner's lamp charging cabinet manufacturers. Based on the needs of coal mine miner safety and efficient management, miner's lamp charging cabinet is designed to follow the following principles:

(1) miner's lamp charging cabinet practicality: miner's lamp charging cabinet design in line with actual needs, therefore, the practicality of the charging cabinet is the first to follow the first principle. At the same time, the management system has good reliability and operability.Especially the operability, so that the computer with the primary level of operation of the management staff, through a simple training will be able to master the operation of the system essentials to achieve the level of duty operation.

(2) Miner's lamp charging cabinet safety: all parts of the charging cabinet in safe and reliable operation at the same time, should also meet the industry-related safety standards, and can work in a non-ideal environment.

(3) the stability of intelligent management system: Because the system is a continuous long-term work in the coal mine system, so the stability of the system is particularly important.

(4) intelligent management system scalability: the system technology continues to move forward, the user needs are also changing, so the system design and implementation should take into account the future needs of the scalable, flexible increase or decrease the various subsystems , To meet the needs of different periods, to maintain a long leading position, the system design, the need to achieve the function of a reasonable configuration, and this configuration can be changed, even after the completion of the project, this configuration change is possible The system software according to the needs of different times the corresponding coal mine to upgrade and improve, and free of charge for the corresponding customers free software upgrades.

(5) miner's lamp intelligent management system easy maintenance: the system in the operation of the maintenance process as simple as possible. The operation of the system can really work to open the electricity. And the maintenance process without the need to use too many dedicated maintenance tools. From the configuration of the computer to the configuration of the system, the front-end equipment configuration is fully and carefully considered the system reliability, we do the system failure rate is the lowest, but also take into account even if the unexpected cause of the problem, Easy to save and fast recovery.

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