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Mobile Tablet Computer Charging Cabinet, Buy Common Sense

Tablet PC charging cabinet for flat panel computers or notebook computers or intelligent digital products, charging equipment, can be widely used in schools or institutions and other collective units at the same time charging device. Directly removed from the traditional charger or adapter, changing the body directly into the electricity, improve safety performance.

Summary is:

1. look at the overall material

Use time and life, the use of fully enclosed anti-theft structure, the process of acid and alkali corrosion, wear, anti-static, etc.

2. Design and use reasonable

Using the sub-tank design, the front of the teacher, the students use the area, the rear of the equipment debugging maintenance area. Before and after the use of different anti-theft lock (where the front door for the double anti-theft lock). Internal subdivision, strong and weak separation, students can not contact the strong part. (The front cabin for the plate placed charging area, the student contact area, no strong power; rear cabin for the power management control area, by the professional management personnel control);

Environmental protection ABS engineering plastic single partition, which built on the partition with a card slot and do not scratch the screen, the cabinet USB cable alignment smooth, beautiful, while the reserved groove to facilitate the computer;

High-quality ultra-quiet casters (four-wheel universal, two with brake) and left and right ergonomic handle;

3. Power management

Charging Cabinet is the most important thing is the charging function, so the safety and efficiency of charging is very important

Power management system, with timing power supply, multi-mode timing, overload protection, digital display is equal to one, to ensure the use of security

a, three timing modes (Always On / Timing, Timer Mode / Cycle Mode, Cycle Mode)

b, double protection (overload protection, leakage protection);

c, four-way power supply socket / Multi-Mode Power (corresponding to the Cycle indicator --- working status indicator);

d, two often power supply socket / Constant Power);

e, reserved external switch and status indicator interface;

f, reserved for 2 DC12V cooling fan interface

4. Temperature control design

Temperature control fan forced cooling, intelligent interdependent heat dissipation structure, the heat generated by the adapter during the charging of the fan forced discharge, the temperature does not move within the safe range;

Cabinet outside the LED digital indicator corresponding to the corresponding location of the cabinet equipment, centralized display, real-time reflect the state of each plate charge;


Well, said so much, if not understand it, then there is the most simple and most direct way ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓

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