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Network Cabinet Installation Space To Be Standardized

With the development of society, the progress of science and technology, improve the process, ushered in the era of network information. Network information center room focused on a large number of network termination devices, network interconnection equipment and various types of servers. In order to facilitate the maintenance of management and unified planning of the engine room, you need to select the appropriate Network Cabinet.

The user will carefully pick the right Network Cabinet when choosing to buy the cabinet, but do not forget that when you choose the right cabinet, you should also pay attention to the location where the cabinet is installed.

Network cabinet installation, for example, because the cable has a frequency bandwidth, electromagnetic insulation performance rape, attenuation is small, the larger interval of repeaters, etc., the current LAN backbone commonly used as a transmission medium cable, but the cable into the room after the installation to be extra Cautious, tap the difficulty is its inherent problems, connect each fiber cable must be polished end, through the electric barbecue or chemical ring chlorine process and optical interface together to ensure that the optical channel is not blocked. Fiber texture crisp, easy to break, can not pull too tight, can not form a right angle. Then place the Network Cabinet of the fiber-optic cooker, which should be installed in a location where maintenance and location are relatively fixed. If there is no special need, the location of the network cabinet will no longer be adjusted.

There is the installation of the network cabinet space, before the installation of space to plan, in order to facilitate the cooling and equipment maintenance, the proposed Network Cabinet before and after the wall or other equipment, the distance should not be less than 0.8 meters, the engine room height can not be less than 2.5 meters The

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