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Network Cabinet Of Digital Specifications

Network cabinet digital specifications: before and after the left and right doors are not allowed to have bulging, distortion and other phenomena, the flatness of less than 2mm. Local 100mmX100mm within no more than 0.4mm. After all the doors are installed in the cabinet, the outer surface of the door should not be more than 1.5mm parallel to the side of the cabinet where it is located. The absolute value of the difference between the parallel slits is less than 2mm, and the frame fit well. The absolute value of the difference between the same gap of the fixed door ≤1mm; the rotary door can not have obvious droop or upturned, the absolute value of the difference between the same gap ≤1.8mm A large number of technical innovation work in the data network cabinet .

1, to determine the precise air supply the basic principles

Due to the heat generated by the equipment in each cabinet in the IDC room, it is not possible to solve the problem of equipment cooling without sufficient cooling capacity entering the cabinet. To solve this problem, China Telecom's "Technical Specifications" set out the principle of precise air supply:

1) Conveying the cold air into the cabinet: Because it is the most needed air-conditioning equipment inside the cabinet.

2) Convey the cold air to the front of the cabinet: Because the cold air can only enter the modular server chassis from the front of the server, it can play a role of heat exchange.

3) Accurately adjust the intake air volume of each cabinet: Because the equipment inside the cabinet has different heat values, the required cooling capacity is also different.

4) Do not allow the freezer air to drain: Because only into the server air conditioning to really play a cooling effect, so the air conditioning should be bunched in the front of the server space.

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