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Network Cabinet Plays A Key Role In The Computer Room Cabling Layout

Modern data room, the network played a significant role of the Cabinet, cable for room layout and other security issues played a key role.

Cable problems do? in the huge room, lined with travel difficulties in network cabinets, not to mention fast to find and repair the failing line. Overall solution for network cabinets are in place, the Cabinet for cable management, will be investigated one of the key.

From the perspective of network internal cables attached to the Cabinet, today's data centers, network Cabinet configuration of higher density to accommodate more of IT equipment, a large number of redundant parts (such as storage arrays and redundant power supply), network equipment configuration within the Cabinet often transforms, data cable and cable at any time increase or decrease. Therefore, the network must provide sufficient cable channel of the Cabinet, from the Cabinet top and bottom out of cable. In network machine Cabinet internal, cable of laying must convenient, and ordered, and equipment of line cable interface near, to shortened wiring distance; reduced line cable of space occupied, guarantee equipment installation, and adjustment, and maintenance process in the, not by wiring of interference, and guarantee thermal air not by line cable of block; while, in fault situation Xia, can on equipment wiring for fast positioning.

In planning for a server, storage, data centers tend not to care about network Cabinet, power supply, these "details", but in actual installation and use of the system, these facilities also has a decisive influence on the reliability of the system. From the perspective of price, network cabinets, racks from thousands of Yuan to tens of thousands of Yuan, completely cannot compare value and internal equipment. Due to network equipment within the Cabinet, decided on special network cabinets and racks "harsh" requirement, if you choose not to pay attention, so when trouble could be enormous.

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