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Quality Network Cabinet Pricing Varies

How to network with the quality difference is not very large differential in price such as the return of the Cabinet big? Mainly the following points:

1 and meet individual requirements: everyone has their own individual needs and individual needs are often more difficult than popular demand is taken, so the price high, highlighting the personalities.

2, problems of asymmetric production technology from different manufacturers: Although a network Cabinet, but due to lack of production technology, able to meet customers ' individual needs, although the quality, but the prices vary a lot.

3, and network machine Cabinet of selling different: same paragraph network machine Cabinet, in floor added more a into wind fan, selling and increased has, price natural high some, or machine Cabinet internal design layout mobilization about, such makes machine Cabinet itself of air liquidity better, more easy solution thermal problem and so on these selling are became has network machine Cabinet of a selling, and people different of, price Shang has discourse right, high price that cheap into has natural.

4, the brand value: network cabinet hasn't become a real sense of the brand era, major brand manufacturers in the branding efforts, they tend to price higher, highlighting the brand value, but no good production technology to produce high quality products, the market is not going to accept your brand value. Only good quality is the Foundation of brand value.

5, businesses deliberately raised prices, some do not understand customer, businesses tend to raise prices several times the original price, misled customers.

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