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Room And Inside The Cabinet Line

As the Cabinet-type distribution frame has become the subject of room distribution frame, cable would deal mainly with the appearance of Cabinet-type distribution frame.

After entering the room when cable and wiring along the bridge to enter Cabinet or wall mount patch panels. Cable management refers to the entrance hole in the engine room to the distribution frame module between holes, wires neatly.

Cabling cable management is not considered in the early, because at that time the routing probabilities of success are not high (heard of 1994 some cabling works just 65% around), you need to replace the cable along the cable and check the fault location.

Horizontal twisted pair within the Cabinet at the rear side of the Cabinet. Past, the double strand is not sorted out, on or immediately after making a simple lashing wire, when looking from the back of the Cabinet, horizontal twisted pair there heaving like a waterfall, or nylon cable ties with several loose banding on the sides of the Cabinet. Concern focused on the performance test of each twisted pair. With the improvement of the wiring, cabling system project has passed the construction processes and layers of control, sure every wire is to adopt national standards required by 99% performance test pass rate. At this time, people's attention was turned to the appearance.

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