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Style Of Early Network Cabinet

Early use of network cabinet are mostly castings or angles with screws, rivets connected or welded into the cabinet frame, plus the cover made of thin steel plate (door) made. This cabinet is bulky, bulky, simple shape, has been eliminated. With the use of transistors, integrated circuits and a variety of components, devices, ultra-miniaturization, the cabinet structure is also to miniaturization, building blocks direction.

Network cabinet has been the development of the entire panel structure from the past into a certain size series of plug-in box, plug-in structure. Subracks, plug-in assembly arrangement sub-level and vertical arrangement of two types. Network cabinet commonly used steel sheet material, a variety of cross-sectional shape of steel profiles, aluminum and various engineering plastics. In addition to the network cabinet frame with welding, screw connection, but also the use of bonding process.

The cabinet is the engine room This is not only the goal pursued by the cabinet industry in Beijing, but also the result of the entire cabinet industry. The standard cabinet structure is relatively simple, including the basic framework, internal support systems, cabling systems, ventilation systems. 19-inch standard cabinet appearance of the width, height, depth of three conventional indicators. Although the installation width of the 19-inch panel device is 465.1mm, the common physical width of the cabinet is 600mm and 800mm. The height is generally from 0.7M-2.4M, depending on the number of devices in the cabinet and the uniform style may be, usually manufacturers can customize a special height, the common finished 19-inch cabinet height of 1.6M and 2M.

The depth of the cabinet is generally from 400mm-800mm, depending on the size of the cabinet equipment, manufacturers can also customize the special depth of the product, the common finished 19-inch cabinet depth of 500mm, 600mm, 800mm

Cabinet height to be 20% to 30% more for system expansion. These spaces also improve the ventilation of the equipment. Rack-mounted equipment does not need to consider the width, because it is designed according to the width of the cabinet. But for the insecure server and other peripherals, the width can not be ignored. Because the total weight of the equipment is often not light, choose a cabinet that can hold about 1,500 pounds, that is, to choose a strong, solid structure cabinet

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