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Tablet PC Charging Cabinet Product Advantages

Tablet PC charging cabinet is a computer equipment that converts AC power to multi-line devices. Tablet PC charging cabinet in a wide range of uses, can be widely used in schools or institutions and other collective units at the same time charging device, Tablet PC charging cabinet will facilitate the management of digital products. Each layer with a drawer design, easy to connect the charge; Tablet PC charging cabinet with a pulley at the bottom, can be moved.

Product advantages:

Security: directly removed from the traditional charger or adapter, changed the body directly into the power supply, and multi-layer protection to improve security;

Function: cabinet temperature a certain temperature, the radiator automatically open;

Beautiful: the overall simple and elegant, beautiful and solid;

Practical: can be more than one tablet computer or other digital products charge (can be customized);

Convenient: each layer with drawer design, easy access to charge;

The bottom of the charging cabinet with a pulley, movable;

Charging cabinet use Note:

1, this product is a high-power electrical equipment, please use the standard line, avoid overloading electricity;

2, the initial use, please contact the relevant professional and technical personnel to operate;

3, do not use wet hands wet cloth wipe the live switch socket;

4, leakage circuit breaker recommended to do a trip every month test;

5, bogey in the state of charge to move the cabinet;

6, non-technical staff or the original factory sales staff, avoid unauthorized removal of electrical original.

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