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The Data Center Uses The Temperature Requirements Of The Network Cabinets

The data center uses the network cabinets temperature requirements, the placement and distribution of the cabinet can be arranged and marked according to the sub-grid of the overhead floor, in accordance with ANSI / TIA / EIA-606-A standard, in the data room must use two letters or two Arabic numerals to mark every piece of overhead floor.

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It is recommended to use a standard 19-inch wide cabinet, or a 23-inch wide cabinet. When using multiple Network cabinets enclosures to connect to a cabinet column, the vertical cable manager must be used between the cabinets and the beginning and end of the entire cabinet row. The width of the vertical cable manager between the cabinet and the cabinet shall not be less than 25.4 cm (10 in.) And the vertical cable manager at the beginning and end shall be no less than 15.25 cm (6 in.) In width so that the cable Protection and management of cables between cabinets.

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For the data center using the cabinet temperature requirements, the optimal operating environment is 22 ~ 24 degrees Celsius, relative humidity between 35% to 50%, therefore, requiring air conditioning and refrigeration systems can meet the above requirements. Any changes in temperature or relative humidity can cause sensitive equipment to work properly, and any drastic changes in temperature or humidity may cause damage to the equipment.

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With the increasing number of communications equipment and the application of new technology, the superior performance of the refrigeration system has become more important. Such as high-density blade servers, will result in a rapid increase in heat near them, and therefore, the cooling of these areas can be achieved so that the blade server is working in an optimized environment.

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