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The Network Cabinet Should Be Inspected For Inspection

The network cabinet should have good technical performance. The structure of the cabinet should be based on the equipment electrical, mechanical properties and the use of environmental requirements, the necessary physical design and chemical design to ensure that the cabinet

The structure has good rigidity and strength as well as good electromagnetic isolation, grounding, noise isolation, ventilation and other properties. In addition, the network cabinet should have anti-vibration, impact resistance, corrosion resistance, anti

Dust, water, radiation and other properties, in order to ensure stable and reliable equipment to work. The network cabinet should have good usability and safety protection facilities, easy to operate, install and repair, and can guarantee

Operator safe. The network cabinet should be easy to produce, assemble, commission and package. Network cabinets should be standardized, standardized, serialized requirements. Cabinet modeling beautiful, applicable, color association


Network cabinet finishing


First to inform the user does not affect the normal work of the user to sort out the case of network cabinets.

And then according to the network topology, the existing equipment, the number of users, user groups and other factors outlined the cabinet inside the wiring diagram and equipment location map.

Then prepare the required materials: network jumper, label paper, various types of plastic cable ties (strangled dogs).

2. Organize the cabinet

Install the network cabinet:

Need to do the following three things: first, the use of random frame with screws and nuts will be fixed on the fixed frame; second, the cabinet to pull down, the activities of the wheels can be installed; third, according to

The position of the device is adjusted and added on the mounting bracket.

Finishing line

Group the cables into groups, which are usually less than or equal to the number of cabins behind the cabinet. Connect the power cords of all the equipment together, insert the plug from the rear access hole, through a

Separate cable management frames to find their own equipment.

Fixed equipment:

The baffle in the network cabinet to adjust to the appropriate location, so that administrators can not open the cabinet door can see the operation of all equipment, according to the number and size of the equipment appropriate

Add a baffle. Be careful to leave a gap between the baffles. Put all the switching equipment and routing equipment in the cabinet according to the pre-painted map.

Screen labeling:

After all the network cable is connected, it is necessary to mark the network cable, wrap the ready-made sticky note on the network cable, and label it on it (usually specify the room number or what

Way), require identification to be easy to understand. The crossover cable can be distinguished by using a different color of the sticky note and the general network cable. If there are too many devices, the device will be sorted and numbered

Equipment labeling.

3. Late work

UGC test:

When the confirmation is correct, turn on the power, the network connectivity test to ensure that users work properly - this is the most important.

Document update:

Update the contents of this cabinet. Re-painting equipment layout and network cable connection diagram. In the figure to indicate the equipment number and network cable logo for maintenance inspection. the best

The user name can also be added as an entry to the icon. Finally indicate the date and the informer.

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