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Use Classification Of Network Cabinet

1. cabling cabinet:

Cabling cabinet system is one for voice, data, video and other information technology standards for structured cabling systems.

Integrated wiring system is a transport network within a building or group of buildings, which makes voice and data communications equipment, switching equipment and other information management systems are connected to each other, including buildings to the external network or phone

Connection points on a line with workspaces voice or data between all associated cables and wiring components.

Server Rack, people on the network Cabinet is not very high, generally require a larger entrance hole, loose cable or a cable loop, using the base of the Cabinet, the base entrance hole is as big as possible.

Application of comprehensive wiring

Design of the comprehensive wiring system, should be able to meet (s) the communication Automation (CA), Office Automation

(OA) and building automation (BA) requirements, should be able to transmit voice, data, images, monitoring, and information systems.

The advantages of structured cabling cabinets

1) clear structure, easy to manage and maintain

Past of wiring method is will various facilities of wiring respectively for design and construction, as phone system, and fire, and security alarm system, and energy management system, are is independent for of. a seat automation degree high of building within, various line hemp, pull Shi in wall Shang playing hole, in outdoor dug ditch, really can be described as "fill fill dug dug dug dug fill, tinkering fill fill repair", not only caused to management, wiring cost high, and function insufficient, Not adapted to the needs of the developing situation. cabling standardization of measures taken is a response to these shortcomings, realization of the unity of material and design, unified distribution, unified installation, clear structure, facilitate centralized management and maintenance.

2) unified advanced materials, meet the needs of future development.

Integrated wiring system using advanced materials, such as the five categories of unshielded twisted-pair cable, its transmission rates above 100Mbps, 5-10 is fully able to meet the future development needs.

3) flexible, adapted to different needs.

Integrated wiring system is very flexible to use. a standard outlet can access phone and can be used to connect computer terminals, adapt to different local area network topology.

4) easy to expand, cost savings, and improve system reliability.

Redundant cabling system wiring and star-shaped structure cabling both improve the device's ability to work and make it easier for users to expand. traditional wiring with wire is cheaper than cabling and wire, but in the case of unified wiring, arrange link and uniform construction reduces the space in the building, elegant appearance.

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