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What Does The Network Cabinet And Server Cabinet Have In Common?

The network cabinet is used to combine the mounting panels, plug-ins, cartons, electronic components, devices and mechanical parts and components to form an integral installation box. According to the current type of view, there are server cabinets, wall-mounted cabinets, network cabinet, standard cabinets, intelligent protective outdoor cabinets and so on. The capacity value is between 2U and 42U.

The network cabinet consists of a frame and a cover (door), which generally has a rectangular parallelepiped shape. It provides suitable environmental and safety protection for the normal operation of electronic equipment. This is second only to the system level of the first level assembly. A cabinet that does not have a closed structure is called a rack.

Quality requirements

The network cabinet should have good technical performance. The structure of the cabinet should be based on the electrical, mechanical properties and the use of the environment requirements, the necessary physical design and chemical design to ensure that the cabinet structure has good stiffness and strength and good electromagnetic isolation, grounding, noise isolation, ventilation Such as performance. In addition, the network cabinet should have anti-vibration, impact resistance, corrosion resistance, dust, water, radiation and other properties, in order to ensure stable and reliable equipment to work. The network cabinet should have good usability and safety protection facilities, easy to operate, install and repair, and to ensure the safety of the operator. The network cabinet should be easy to produce, assemble, commission and package. Network cabinet should be standardized, standardized, serialized requirements. Cabinet modeling beautiful, applicable, color coordination.

Related differences

Network cabinet and server cabinets are 19-inch standard cabinets, which is the network cabinet and server cabinets in common!

The difference between a network cabinet and a server cabinet is that:

The server cabinet is used to install the server, monitor, UPS and other 19 'standard equipment and non-19' standard equipment, in the cabinet depth, height, load and other aspects are required, the width is generally 600MM, the depth is generally more than 900MM Internal equipment heat dissipation, front and rear doors are with ventilation holes;

Network cabinet are mainly stored in routers, switches, patch panels and other network equipment and accessories, the depth is generally less than 800MM, width 600 and 800MM have, the front door is generally transparent glass door, the heat and the environment is not high.

Production development

Early use of the network cabinet are mostly cast or angle by screws, rivets connected or welded into the cabinet frame, plus a thin steel plate made of the cover (door) made. The size of the cabinet, bulky, simple shape, has been eliminated. With the use of transistors, integrated circuits and various components, the ultra-miniaturization of the device, the structure of the cabinet is also to miniaturization, building blocks of the direction of development. Network cabinet have been developed from the past to the whole panel structure has a certain size series of the box, plug-in structure. Boxes, plug-in assembly of the arrangement of horizontal and vertical arrangement of two categories. Network cabinet materials commonly used thin steel, all kinds of cross-sectional shape of steel profiles, aluminum and various engineering plastics. Network frame in addition to welding, screw connection, but also the use of bonding process.

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