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What Is The Internal Structure Of The Network Cabinet?

The internal structure of a network cabinet refers to which materials are installed in a network cabinet. In general, the cabinet in the network room center and computer office is more common, he is a completely closed cabinet, which stood all kinds of materials and equipment.

1. The network cabinet is equipped with fiber optic patch panel, this patch panel is just a box of metal box, mainly used to place some fiber without shell, so that you can better protect the fiber.

2. The network cabinet is equipped with a network switch, the switch is connected from outside to the fiber and cable, it is the core of the entire network center, it should be protected, for it to create a safe and reliable environment.

3. Inside with a router and firewall, the router is exclusive packet forwarding and addressing, and the firewall is mainly responsible for the safety between internal and external networks.

In addition to these, the network cabinet is also equipped with twisted pair patch panels, although the network cabinet inside the smaller, but it is more complete inside the facilities.

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