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What Is The Laptop Charging Cabinet

Laptop Charging Cabinet is a centralized digital products for charging intelligent electronic devices

With the popularity of the network and the computer and the improvement of everyone's living standards, each person's digital equipment continues to increase, especially the advent of the Tablet PC, changed the way people browse, this time, for the Tablet PC or laptop or smart digital products Charging the charging cabinet came into being.

With the accelerated pace of education reform, the world has increased investment in education, the use of Tablet PC or notebook teaching, the establishment of the "school pass, class classes, class".

So what is the Laptop Charging Cabinet?

Laptop Charging Cabinet usually refers to a switch to convert multi-line device, can support multiple tablet computer charging equipment at the same time. Laptop Charging Cabinet in a wide range of uses, widely used in schools or institutions and other collective units, but also used in other public places, such as hospitals, shopping malls, museums or office buildings, etc., it solves the collective charge of the problem, Eliminating the need for traditional charger or adapter, changing the body directly into the electricity, improve safety performance. Charging cabinet

Laptop Charging Cabinet Features:

Security: directly removed from the traditional charger or adapter, changing the body directly into the electricity, and multi-layer protection to improve safety, increase the safety factor;

Function: cabinet temperature reaches 35 degrees Celsius, radiator automatically open;

Beautiful: the overall simple and elegant, beautiful and solid;

Practical: can also be 10 to 60 Tablet PC or other digital products charge (can be customized according to customer requirements);

Convenient: Each drawer design, easy access to charge, centralized management, and maximize the use of space;

Laptop Charging Cabinet Removable: cabinet bottom caster design, protection cabinet placed or moved when not damaged, easy to move.

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