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What Is The Ps Network Cabinet

ps cabinet is a kind of network cabinets, ps network cabinets are mainly used for intelligent buildings, network cabinets in the engine room communication differences, as long as the understanding of what is psd.

psd refers to the integrated wiring, integrated wiring features: building automation, communications automation, office automation, information management automation.

What is integrated wiring? Integrated wiring system, such as an intelligent building within a highway, we will use the civil phase of the connection 3a cable, integrated wiring building, the building can be installed under the system can be determined according to development needs.

pds is only part of the intelligent building only, can not pds as intelligent building, as long as there are highways, what kind of integrated wiring system, like what system, it becomes very simple.

The integrated cabling system is a network transmission within buildings and buildings that can be used for both voice communications equipment and switching equipment and other information management communications equipment links to each other, links within the building to the external network or telephone lines Area between the voice data terminals related to the cable wiring components.

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