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Why Is The Network Cabinet Rusty?

Network cabinet are used to install network equipment, panel, plug-in, box, electronic components, devices, mechanical parts, etc., with a radiation function, there are good planning network equipment.

In the absence of network cabinet before the cable everywhere, the length of different, the equipment can not plan, the radiation is relatively large, no fire function, no heat sink, in the hot summer due to network equipment fever, willing to lead to the whole Network paralysis, in the present life or in a company, many people need the network, need to access the Internet, network equipment will increase, often because of some reasons may need to dismantle the device, may also be possible to disassemble the equipment.

In real life, the network cabinet for a long time is very easy to rust, then what problems make the network cabinet rust? Here we come together to analyze the reasons for rusty cabinets, together to maintain the beauty of the network cabinet and maintenance.

Surface contamination: attached to the network cabinet surface of the oil, dust, alkali hydrochloric acid in certain environmental conditions into corrosive substances, and stainless steel together with the chemical reaction, will produce chemical corrosion and rust.

Surface scratches: a variety of scratches are produced by the destruction of the passive film, is the ability to protect the stainless steel and the chemical reaction of chemical substances caused by rust.

Cleaning: cleaning is not clean caused by the retention of residual liquid, the retention of these substances directly corrosion of stainless steel, causing the cabinet rust.

Carbon steel pollution: carbon steel contact with the cabinet where the scratch will form a chemical reaction to produce chemical corrosion.

Cutting: slag, splash and easy to rust the material and corrosive media to produce chemical reactions to form chemical corrosion.

Welding: welding area physical defects and corrosive media to produce chemical reactions to form chemical corrosion.

Material: stainless steel composition of the material is not uniform,

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